Opportunity Global has officially launched NETWORK10 in the Philippines.

On January 1st, 2012 we have officially launched
NETWORK10. To join our unique program. Just follow our 3 Step System and start using our 5 + 1 Referral Program.

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Contact the person who referred you. They will provide you with the Opportunity Global Membership Certificate. Complete the form and submit it to your sponsor or the nearest Opportunity Global Business Center

Find at least 6 People with the help of your sponsor to join your Opportunity Global Social Network absolutely FREE. You have now started building a strong business foundation.

Grow your Network by helping your 6 People find 6 each. Your network has grown to 42 people plus, who are following this exact unique business program.














What is NETWORK10?

From the Desk of the Philippines Country Manager

Welcome to our website and Soft launch of NETWORK10 powered by Opportunity Global. We are very excited with the launch of this totally unique business. No where in the world has a company created such a powerful program for its members. Before I give you a brief explanation about NETWORK10 let me again welcome you. I am sure that you will decide to join us in our NEWEST opportunity. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

NETWORK10 is the first of 3 cash generating machines that make up the overall business strategy of Opportunity Global. We have also nicknamed this "GENESIS10", because this is where you every new member begins by "CREATING" their network from their starting point. Opportunity Global is the creator & developer of NETWORK10.

NETWORK10 has developed a portfolio of 10 International companies, each having their own business, strategic and compensation plan for their own member's success. Opportunity Global has developed a portfolio strategy and researched the internet to find the best companies that meet the criteria necessary for inclusion under our membership portfolio.

Here's just 10 things what we look for when you choose a company for our NETWORK10 Portfolio:

  1. The company must have a FREE entry option, that allows it's members to earn money. What this means is that the company is not looking to earn money by it's membership but by it's products or service that members sell.

  2. The company's products and/or services must have value and an ability to be marketed.

  3. The company's compensation plan must meet legal compliance and not be considered a pyramid scheme or other types of illegal business.

  4. The company's management team and owners also must have the experience and ability to sustain their company with no negative background history in related business.

  5. The company must not have a bad rating with the Better Business Bureau and have a satisfactory rating in handling disputes.

  6. The company must provide Opportunity Global with the required information requested during the Due Diligence stage, prior to corporate approval.

  7. The company must sign an agreement with Opportunity Global that states among other things that it will comply with all proper business practices as well as customer service quality levels that are needed for good customer retention and future growth.

  8. The company must have a 100% satisfaction guarantee program on all it's products and services.

  9. The company must have a completely automated website and tracking system for all members to view all required stats and track earnings on a real time basis.

  10. The company must have a "ON TIME" commission payment record with it's members (technical problems exempt) and with limited errors in calculations.

This is just 10 of the many requirements we check when we screen and select from the many companies we investigate; Can you imagine the look we get from many of the companies when we present our compliance?

We know the industry is filled with all types of companies big and small who are more "ME" oriented instead of "US" or "WE". It's very important that when we place our members into their system that nobody will spoil the integrity of our network, the network each of our members creates.

How You Benefit

Aside from the screening process, we have developed a system that ensures the network of members remains the same in the future as it was at the beginning. We have developed a sequential system to process any and all entries into our portfolio. Since NETWORK10 is a FREE to join system we all know that people drop out (opt out) of any and all programs. So we have developed rules and provisions to allow our system to meet those requirements.

Imagine NETWORK10 as a 10 port IT hub. Since you are a member of the network you connect your business into the output connection. NETWORK10 then has its' portfolio of companies that connect to the 10 ports provided to allow the flow of information travel back and forth between the Portfolio Companies then to NETWORK10 and then to its members. NETWORK10 processes the information and monitors the building and creation of the NETWORK10 membership in each participating company.

NETWORK10 has developed different strategies for the building of the network within a participating portfolio company because there are many types of compensation plans offered. We want our members to have the greatest earning capacity on each opportunity. Here is just a few of the compensation plans and how we adjust our strategy for your benefit.

  1. Unilevel - Since this is the basic model and the most common it is a mirror of your NETWORK10 membership network. You maintain the same lines and all members are added sequentially according the time stamp of their first joining.

  2. Forced Matrix - Depending on the width your members will follow you in the same exact order as they joined in the beginning. There are many variations of the forced matrix plan but the only one that differs is the expandable model. In this type you start with a fixed width and when you complete a certain amount or members or develop a number of levels the company opens another bracket or forced matrix for you to grow. This becomes very complicated in our type of program, so we developed a strategy to help our members build this system as well.

  3. Binary - This is a variation of the forced matrix but with a different line building strategy. In order for members to earn maximum amount of compensation there must be a balance of business on the 2 main lines off the qualified business center. We have developed a sequential-balance strategy that makes use of our pre-built network to maximize the upline's earnings. This method keeps building to compensate each newer member as future members join. With our Totally FREE entry strategy this helps build a fast paced network.

  4. Hybrid - This type of compensation plan is just a combination of any or all compensation models above & designed to pay for the efforts of all their members. Our strategy for the future is to develop what we call the "Sync Plan" that will allow members to be able to track and calculate future earnings based on our SYNC Data supplied to the members. 

Now you can see how we prepared ourselves for all eventualities. Our management team has a total of over 100 years experience in Network Marketing and understand the best ways to build an efficient and profitable network. By allowing members the ability to build a viable network and then monetize it upon development will create a more solid base of active members and see less cancelations in the future.

Would you abandon a business that generates $100 profit a month after expenses?

I'm sure you will never do that. That is why we are different. We put the horses before the cart here, unlike typical network marketing plans. Most companies want their distributors to focus on the retail and use of their products instead of building a solid network. This strategy is good for the company but research proves that once a distributor finds just a little difficulty at success they most likely lose their ambition and soon drop out.

We want our members to focus mainly on the network at first. This network is made to build the base of their NETWORK10 and Opportunity Global overall business strategy.

How do I make money if NETWORK10 does not charge any fees or buying of products?

Each company has their own business strategy and requirements. We are not looking for something for nothing programs or lotteries. We know in order to make money a product and/or service must be sold by a member in order to earn compensation. That's why we choose only viable businesses for our NETWORK10 portfolio.

Have you ever read Robert Allen's book, Multiple Streams of Income? In his book he describes how you benefit and establish the building of many cash streams so you will have a secure business strategy. For example if you have 10 income streams and one income stream stops flowing you only lose that single source, instead of only having one business and when that fails where is your next check coming from? You then need to start all over.

This is the whole purpose of our strategy, we develop the many streams of income and then connect our members the exact same way and thus we prepare a way to keep NETWORK10 and Opportunity Global in business by doing the exact same thing for all our members. With our "One World, One Network, One Opportunity Global" concept we have made it simple to see success through our portal or window of Opportunity Global.

Once you join NETWORK10 you will learn more about the Opportunity Global Strategy. The multiple streams of income will flow from even more income producing opportunities all monetized by future earnings of our members.

So join today, contact your sponsor and ask them to give you your FREE subscription certificate. You will need to comply with just a few requirements as listed below.

  • You must be a legal adult in your country or 18 years of age minimum

  • You must have a valid email address, Facebook account and access to the internet.

  • You must accept the terms and conditions of NETWORK10 and any business included in our portfolio.

  • You must promote NETWORK10 and not the individual companies in the portfolio to maintain the integrity and future growth of your program

  • You must agree to follow the Opportunity Global business model.

If you are looking for a get rich marketing scheme then NETWORK10 is not designed for you. All businesses require a certain amount of work, effort and expense. We have made our first phase absolutely FREE but be prepared to spend some money to be successful.

We wish you all the success and share with you your hopes and dreams. Together we will make your goals into a reality.


Janet Onza
Philippines Country Manager

P.S. if you have read my letter all the way to here, please click here to obtain your free book with my compliments.

P.P.S. if you join right away you also have the effort of all those who are in your upline who will also help build your network. This is how we do it @ NETWORK10!





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> Social Network Marketing

What do you need in life?
What have you always desired?

What if we said you can acquire anything you really desire?

That's totally Awesome! Am I right?

We want YOU to realize your dreams by doing what you do online now.

Today billions of people are connected online by what is called social networking sites. You may know them, Facebook, Google, Twitter, MySpace, Yahoo! and MSN just to name a few. Each and every one of these social networking sites has made their founders as well as the investors billions of dollars. New concepts and technology allows other companies to also enter this mega opportunity and add to the long list of companies making their mark on society in many ways. As well as earning big for the companies.

Most sites are designed to give the members a wide selection of benefits and services absolutely free and earning their income from the sale of access to this network of members through advertising, special services online gaming as well as allowing their advertisers to contact you directly through the social; networking site based on your information provided by you to the company. Since there are billions of members who have joined these networking sites, it does not seem to be an issue when it comes to being exposed to all sorts of advertising and paid features.

Here is our opportunity to give our members a share in the multi-billion dollar business connected with these social networking sites.

Today members of the many social networking sites are sharing pictures, videos and stories about their life and here lies the brilliant idea of building offshoot networks comprised of all these friends, families and coworkers who are already connected and have the potential to build a pipeline of income with the many opportunities that can be created,

I'm sure you have at least one membership, most people have 2 or more. How many people are connected to you? The friends list is a nonstop growing source of people who will be eager to earn extra money with little effort and the use of their membership in one or more social networking site,

It seems the people who provide the best products and services are always successful. However there is just not enough market for too many competitors. This is where we come in. By creating a new niche targeted at a very large market we are able to enable anyone to create an online/offline business that can earn the member a full-time income with less than a part-time effort.

Our parent company, Opportunity Global International has created a multi-platform web portal to give the members an opportunity to participate in one or more membership networks designed to generate an ongoing income week after week.

Opportunity Global has launched this program with a simple goal in mind. We help you. So you can help yourself and then you can help others.

Every member has a main membership. When you join one of the first social networking programs you create a e-wallet account with Opportunity Global. With this account you will accumulate your cash earnings, transact business on and offline with one of our many participating merchants or other members. This is a complete turn-key platform that connects to your atm card for cash releasing.

Once you create your e-wallet you will activate your first income producing program in the network of your sponsor. Do you remember how your sponsor attracted your attention to view the pages you are reading right now? This effective method is part of the success designed into each income producing membership program. You will be assigned a unique membership number which will be placed into all the marketing emails, websites and ads you share with people online or offline.

When you start your first program you will be invited to join your sponsor if he has built more than 1 program. You will need to top-up (load) your e-wallet account to maintain the weekly payments. Once your commissions exceed your weekly membership fees your e-wallet account will be deducted the membership fee required.

Depending on what program you joined and what Opportunity it is supported by you most likely will have your membership fee covered when you sponsor just 6 new members. Each membership network utilizes the same network structure you originally joined if the program is based on the unlimited width concept. If it's a fixed level program (forced matrix) then you will be placed in the highest position under your original or assigned sponsor. Thus all your members will be placed as such.

Each membership has its own rules and regulations, its own commission & bonus structure and its own products and services. Each program is independent of the other and you will have a way to monitor each and everyone you belong to. It is our desire and hope that all members will participate in every program so they can benefit by the whole opportunity available to each and every member.

You will have a complete members area which is your control panel for your entire participation in the whole opportunity. In the members area you will have a well organized area to monitor your own networks membership growth, income earned and communication tools. Each membership you participate in you will have a complete suite of tools, specially designed letters, banner and space ads and splash pages all customized to automatically include your membership number and other data we feel will help you grow your business. Since everything is computer generated you just need to copy and paste the details and place them in emails, website code or classified ad sites to promote your membership network. We also give you the training you need to understand how to utilize these great benefits.

Speaking of social networking, we also give you the text to post on your wall and message your friends. This is all free advertising, you'll want to have memberships in all social networking sites to max your earning potential. Everything we provide will include your membership number so you will get all the credit and build your business automatically.

In the near future when you reach a certain number of members who are also ready to qualify you will then be placed into a portfolio program that will also earn you an additional income as well as provide high quality products at a great discount.

We call our business model, Multi-Dimensional, Social Network Marketing. We're building a solid business on a strong foundation. You just promote the first program and your network grows automatically. This same network is then utilized to create a delta of cash flow. This multiple streams of income produces a growing income which will allow you to manage your life much easier.

We have created the W³Synergy - which means...
Through experience and focused education we build Wisdom... Wisdom provides the knowledge for the goals of complete Wellness, Wisdom & Wellness are both required to achieve the Wealth most people only imagine. This is truly SUCCESS in life.

Life creates many opportunities, you just need to understand how to recognize them. We want to create many success stories with our members. Today can be the start of your success story. Let us be the synergy you need to reach your goals in life. Why not shoot for the sky, there is no limit to what you can create.

Got any more questions? Support @ Opportunity Global
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